Frequently Asked Questions

Are we allowed to take any leftover food home?
Due to health department regulations food is not allowed to leave Jimmy’s Event Center. 

Does Jimmy’s Event Center cater all of the food?
Yes, we have an on-site Chef and Sous Chef that prepare our menu items.

Are we allowed to bring in any outside food or alcohol?
We do not allow any food or beverage to be brought in, with the exception of a licensed bakery.
There will be a labor fee of $1.00 per person if cake is brought it, and $0.50 per person if cupcakes are brought in from an outside source.

Are there any time restrictions?
Day rental times are from 8:00am - 4:00pm, evening rental times are from 4:00pm - 12:00am. 

Are any beverages included?
Water is always provided at no charge. If a buffet or plated meal is served than coffee is included as well.

Are linens included?
Yes, you will have your choice of a colored linen napkin and your choice of black, white, or ivory tablecloths. 

Is there a dance floor available?
Yes, we set up a wooden dance floor at no charge. 

What decorations are included with the room?
Tulle with lights are included at no charge.
We also have up lights in a variety of colors available to rent for $10.00 each.

Do you have special pricing for children?
Yes, children ages 4-10 eat for $12.95. We do not charge for children 3 and under.

Is security required?
Security is required for all Friday and Saturday night functions in the Oakleaf and Garden Rooms.
Security is provided by Jimmy’s Event Center at a $275.00 charge per group.
Security may be required for other social events as well.

Is there a bar set-up fee?
Yes, cash or hosted bars are available for any size group.
A set-up fee of $150.00 will be charged for each bar, this includes a bartender as well as 3 high top tables. 

Can we sample the banquet food?
Yes, we would be happy to set up a tasting with you.

What size are the dining tables?
Dining room tables are 50” rounds that seat 8-10 people.  

What tables are included with rent?
Complimentary tables included are gift table, guest book table, table for DJ, dessert table, and head table.
They all include linens and skirting. 

Is parking available?
We have free and ample parking all on one level.